06 January 2014

Utah Trip, 2013

Before this trip, I hadn't been back since I had graduated in August 2012. What I missed most about Provo were the people. I loved my classes and campus life, there are some good places to eat, but I really missed my buds.
Naturally, my agenda was: friends, eating, eating with friends, General Conference, friends. Because that's really all I did in Provo when I lived there. Besides watch basketball #gocougs
I drove with some peeps from my ward. I took the Frontrunner from SLC to Provo for the first time once we got there. Uhhh why did we get the Frontrunner, Chik-fil-A, AND H&M AFTER I move away from Provo????? Dumb planning on somebody's part.

I stayed with my most recent roommates, Kimberly and Hilary, (#224 #roomies4lyfe). I walked in to Hilary presenting me with Cafe Rio. Come to Oregon, you delicious barbacoa salads, you! In true fashion, we then went and saw "Gravity" at Wynnsong. Wynnsong really is our home away from home. Once we found out about $5 movies there one summer, we were there every week. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not.
Saturday was the start of Conference weekend for us Mormon folk. It was an uplifting weekend and I always look forward to it at least a month in advance. I stayed in my sweats, even when we went to breakfast at Kneaders (unlimited French toast, also a tradition), until we went up to SLC to meet with our fourth 224 buddy, Meagan. Meagan was getting married the next week and I was bummed that I couldn't stay for the festivities. But we ate yummy food at my favorite downtown, Buca di Beppo, and then helped Meagan choose her wedding shoes.
Sammy's pieshakes because duh.

Love these girls.

Allie happened to be in Utah that weekend, also, so she dropped by.
Photo c/o Allie

Sunday, I had tickets for morning session of Conference with my wardies, so we met up and enjoyed that amazing session together. "Music and the Spoken Word" is right before every Sunday morning session, so Asia and I made sure that we were there on time for that. If any of you haven't attended Conference, I HIGHLY recommend getting into a session, especially one where the Prophet speaks and when the MoTab sings. It's 1000000xs better than watching on TV.
Asia - Me - Roy

Lovely day in Temple Square

On the drive back to Utah, we drove until the wee hours of the morning. It would have been less painful if we hadn't blown a tire on the way back. Of course, I was driving (crazy things always happens when I'm involved) and we were in the middle of nowhere at 12:30 at night. Pitch black. Freezing cold. Thankfully, we had some studly men in our car who were able to fix it and get us going again. Always an adventure.

It's GONE.

As much as I was ready to move on from my time in Utah, I miss the times I had with the AMAZING people that I befriended while I lived there. You guys rock. Move to PDX so that we can hang out more, k?

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